WOT Studios is a Pune and Mumbai based Video Production Studio with the state of the art post-production facility. We specialize in Commercial Video Production, Visual Effects and DI works for Feature Films and all other types of Broadcast with the renowned and valued clients ranging from Hollywood to Bollywood, and Indian Regional Production Houses, Corporate Companies and Advertising Agencies. In addition to Production and Post-Production works, we also provide Web Designing, Motion Graphics Designing, Commercial Audio-Video Ads, Corporate Audio-Visuals, 3D Architectural Walk-throughs, etc.


The phase of further developing ideas and planning prior to the production process. This is where all the planning takes place before the camera rolls. It is the period before filming starts. Whether it’s measured in minutes, hours or days, here we set the overall vision of the project. Like it is said in all great projects the key for success is in the planning.

Films/Video Production

Roll Camera! The camera makes its first appearance here. The production is the execution phase of the film making process, during which all the audio and visual materials are being gathered. On this phase shooting and recording take place.


It begins when your camera stops rolling. It’s like putting the last coat of paint on in a room.  This is where your video project will really come to life.


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